Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ths Week

This week was a pretty tiring week for me. I don't know why but yeah it is. Ermm this week I have been focusing in my studies as in really focusing as I stay in class almost the whole day. So, its like a changed for me. Haha Coz i dont really study after exams I will usually prefer to study last minute. But everthing has changed now i realised that i have to focus now as my cousin sister, a lecturer in Singapore told me that the college intake for next year would be on Feb . On Feb means that SPM results are not out yet and So, I have to do well in my trials as in really well!!! Haih what a life right Haha but I won't regret it.LOL! Ermm I focus on my trials its because if I do well I can have more choice of courses next time! Sorry to say but I usually prefer studying hard not studying smart because I've never tried doing that before and I won't because the next exam would be the trials! So yeah wish me luck on my studies! See ya then!


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