Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First Post!

Haha! I finally got a! after a long time! hehe anyway i'll try to make it a point to post everything as much as possible. LOL! Kinda feel abit weird as in this is my first time blogging. Ermm.... don' t really know what to blog about.. Ermmm....maybe i'll tell you a little bout my trip to Bangkok..hehe.. It was fun as our family went for Aqua shows (*if u know what i mean) on the first night.....LOL!! they were soooo beautiful! As pretty or maybe prettier than the real Women! haha! Then the second day i went for parachuting! It was really fun! haha! Then after that i tried riding on a jet ski! It was AMAZING!!! I feel like i was born to jet ski! Haha! Joking.... Then we went bac to the Hotel in Pattaya to rest and sleep...OMG! I can't sleep for 2 nights hehe. I don't know why...maybe i've been thinking too much! HAHA! Anyway i did slept for maybe bout 2 hours i think. The third day, we made our way back from Pattaya to Bangkok...We went to the Safari World bla bla bla as usual all you can see is just animals...Hahah! Then on the 4th day we went to the floating market ..It was so so....Then on the fifth day! Hhaha! This is my favourite! ehhe it was SHOPPING SPREE!!!! It was ssoooo much fun! I bought lots of shirts, souvenirs,etc...Really can't figure out the exact total of things i bought! HAHA! this is the first time i feel so nice SHOPPING! haha! Then on the last day we made our way back to Malaysia.....Haha! Oh ya! I bought something really precious there...I bought Suju's CD there! Hahaha!!LOL! So i think i should stop here....erm...Let me think if i still have anything to say....hmmmm....I think that's it..HAHA!


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