Sunday, June 21, 2009

I think i SHOULD'NT have told

I've posted one post just now and now i'm posting it again. Haha I watched a Father's Day documentary and while watching it tears started rolling down my cheeks. I seriously don't know why am I so emo. Haha anyway I was told by one of my friend to tell the other person the truth and I did but then after that i somehow felt like I should not have told . That's because i felt like the person is trying to forget about it but I went messed it up again. I really wish to say Sorry to the person . I seriously felt bad after telling that. I may have hurt you a lot but I seriously hope we can still be friends. It also hurts me while making that decision but I think I have no choice but to end it. I may have made my friends and family worry about me these few days.I am seriously Sorry. The only way to make me forget about it is to keep studying . Because it will keep my brain busy and I will not think of other things other than studies.Erm I think i should sleep or should I say dream about other things and try to put this aside. Good Night then.


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