Friday, June 12, 2009


Today i went to Pavillion wif three of my close friends. Ermm... its been ages since i've been there so i was kinda lost when i was told to meet at Redbox..but i thinking i knew the way that time because i've been there with frens but i wasn't paying attention at that i was guessing all my way today...Haha..I actually went to the wrong one as predicted..It should be the the one on the higher floor..Haha! We seriously enjoyed ourselves... It's been a long time since i've really enjoyed.Thanks guys for making it a fun one! Haha! After that we went for movies...We watched 17 again! which was nice! I felt abit touching as the dad try to be the best for his children...Haha!I am an emotional person. So, yeah. Ermm... then my dad called . He asked me to walk back to low yat as he was there.Haha! But then i eventually took a ride on Mae's car . It was a heavy traffic. Hhaha! When i reach Low yat as i enter the entrance i felt weird. I know why but i don't wanna share it..Haha! asked me if u want to know bout it! lol!


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