Thursday, June 11, 2009

School Holiday Ending....

School is starting next week Monday. So reluctant to go back to school....haih..Have to wake up at 5 then come back in the afternoon or late in the afternoon. Anyway i went for accounts tuition this morning it was ok. So i had lunch in Sonia's house the food was great! Haha..erm..have to finish up my add maths project...Haih...kinda lazy to do it.But have to choice. I have something in me but i myself cant figure it out what is wrong with me.. Sometimes i hope to have someone who can tell me what's wrong wif me...Sometimes i would love to be alone but i know i can't ..Haih! i seriously dont know what is wrong with me...Maybe its because of something that i cannot forget or something that is deep inside me....just Something.


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