Sunday, November 28, 2010

Japanese Trials

I just had my Japanese Trials. They really changed the whole paper format... for vocab they only gave us 15 minutes to finish (the old format was 25 minutes)... for grammar its 35 minutes (old format is 50 minutes) and as for listening it's 20 minutes (before that was 30 minutes) I really do not know if I can really pass my Japanese finals... In the trials the overall exam was easy.. but as for the finals I dont think so.... >< hopefully I can pass.. I dont want to waste my money~~ I dont want to waste my effort~~~ I MUST PASS THIS EXAM~~~ GAMABTE~~!!!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010


My dear is moving his house~~ MOVING~ to the next neighbourhood ...=.=
His whole family is basically rushing here and there ... that is why I got to pay more attention to my dear.. I will try my very best to provide the best suppport for him... so that he will not be that stressed out... I seriously pity my dear.... his finals are just around the corner but he have no time ... NO TIME for his studies... I feel bad~~~ I really want to help even when I insisted but then he told me not to... he told me my finals are coming also... but dear!! yours is this coming Monday but mine is two weeks from now... Dear all I can do is suppport you and hope for the best for u ~~~ I dont want anything to happen to your studies... Dear ~~ oh Dear~~~ I am sooo worry bout u ~~~~


Sunday, November 21, 2010


I am seriously stressed up with my finals and my Japanese finals~~!! I dont know if I can manage them both~! I dont know >< color="#3366ff">fei lou with me....
Fei Lou aka Lynus ~~~~~~ T_T

1. Intro to business - I need to memorize~~!! I havent finish memorizing!!!!

2. Accounts - I havent master the Doubtful Debt Account~~~!!!

3. QM - I havent memorize the tutorial !!

4. CE - Lazy to study... =.=

5. Writing - ASSIGNMENT~~!!!!

6. Japanese - New format this year~ I dunno ><>///<

Friday, November 19, 2010

2 months!!!

It has been two months since I got into a relationship with my dearly Lynus Cheang aka ah noob aka dear aka fei lou ...HAHA! ^^ (he is gonna kill me when he sees this)...... Here is how the story goes....

I met Lynus once in Leisure Mall.. it was a coninsidence meeting. Kennie and Lynus are best buddies~ so, Kennie introduced Lynus to me...My first impression on him was I think he was very arrogant... so I did not really took notice of him..

Then the second time we met was when Kennie met into an accident =.= he drop us in McD in Taman Connaught and went to look for Lynus ... Then when they came back... Kennie's car was ok.. not as bad as before.. After that, we decided to watch movie in Midvalley , Step up 3. Lynus THROW me back to UCSI as I waited for Aaron and the others went...

After that day, I received a mysterious message from a mysterious number... in the message it's written " GUESS WHO AM I? '' haha! I thought it was Kennie again bcoz he changed his number again so I replied and then I got to know that it was Lynus. We chatted through msn, facebook and also text messages.... then.. *ahem ahem* everything went well.... we got closer and closer and closer and *puffft* DEN DEN !! we are in a relationship!!! FUIYO~

To my dear,
I've never met someone like you before... You have made my life brighter by just staying by my side. I will always LOVE you my dear.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time is all I need

I think it's true that time heals everything.... the only way for me to forget everything is just hoping that time could fly faster... I promised NOOBIE that I will take 1 month to forget everything ..... EVERYTHING.... this is what I promised but can I really keep up with that promise? I hope I really can.... I just have to believe that everthing happens for a reason? Haha! Or should I believe that everything is planned? I don't know... I don't wanna think anymore but I can't stop thinking about it... as I already promised NOOBIE that means by 1st Oct I need to be the new Ivy! hahah!


Thursday, September 2, 2010


I passed all my subjects... should I be happy or should I be sad? I don't know myself... I find that everything is not going the right way that it should be... I HATE IT..... even though its not my problem but I still worry about my friends... From the outside , they looked happy but I know that from the inside they are suffering in silence... Me, as a close friend, I find myself very useless... I don't know what to help and how to help them through this difficult time...

Let's start with Kai Xin Ling aka Happy Ling... her name sounds happy... but I know that right now she is not... she is worry about economics... I want to help but I don't know how to... I'm a FAILURE as a friend..

Next, Yap Ken Nie..... he accidentally scratched a car in UCSI .... I know he was worried about three things....
1. His car's condition
2. The car that he bang's condition
3. What will his parents say
I feel bad I don't know how to help..... all I can do is just comfort him by telling him everything is gonna be okay... but for me comforting him is not enough.... I wanna help more.. but what can I help? I'm USELESS!

Then, June June... he was also worried about his Algebra supplementary paper... Both Ka Ling and I went to look for the Algebra's lecturer but she resigned... ''SAD!'' How can I get tips for Algebra to help June to pass all his subjects???? I don't know myself.. I'm USELESS!

Next, Pikarence.. about his economics.. there is still no news yet from UCSI..... he must be super worried... all I did was amend Ka Ling's written letter and helped him... Haih... I'm a FAILURE

Last but not least, Aaron.... about the PTPTN loan.... I feel like I didn't help him much either all I did was just asked around how to get the CGPA score... that's all ... Haih.... I feel bad for not knowing what else can I help... I'm a NOOB friend.

After worrying about them so much ..... I don't know why I cried.... maybe it's because I feel useless as a close friend.... I cried myself to sleep everynight after everything happened. HAIH!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What a day...

I don't know what day is today but it's certainly not a good day for me and my friends....I don't feel like talking to anyone and my heart is worry about my friends, Kennie, Ka ling, Terence and Aaron. I feel bad as they feel sad.. Ok.. i don't know what am I talking about... I should just sleep and forget everything... Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day...