Thursday, September 2, 2010


I passed all my subjects... should I be happy or should I be sad? I don't know myself... I find that everything is not going the right way that it should be... I HATE IT..... even though its not my problem but I still worry about my friends... From the outside , they looked happy but I know that from the inside they are suffering in silence... Me, as a close friend, I find myself very useless... I don't know what to help and how to help them through this difficult time...

Let's start with Kai Xin Ling aka Happy Ling... her name sounds happy... but I know that right now she is not... she is worry about economics... I want to help but I don't know how to... I'm a FAILURE as a friend..

Next, Yap Ken Nie..... he accidentally scratched a car in UCSI .... I know he was worried about three things....
1. His car's condition
2. The car that he bang's condition
3. What will his parents say
I feel bad I don't know how to help..... all I can do is just comfort him by telling him everything is gonna be okay... but for me comforting him is not enough.... I wanna help more.. but what can I help? I'm USELESS!

Then, June June... he was also worried about his Algebra supplementary paper... Both Ka Ling and I went to look for the Algebra's lecturer but she resigned... ''SAD!'' How can I get tips for Algebra to help June to pass all his subjects???? I don't know myself.. I'm USELESS!

Next, Pikarence.. about his economics.. there is still no news yet from UCSI..... he must be super worried... all I did was amend Ka Ling's written letter and helped him... Haih... I'm a FAILURE

Last but not least, Aaron.... about the PTPTN loan.... I feel like I didn't help him much either all I did was just asked around how to get the CGPA score... that's all ... Haih.... I feel bad for not knowing what else can I help... I'm a NOOB friend.

After worrying about them so much ..... I don't know why I cried.... maybe it's because I feel useless as a close friend.... I cried myself to sleep everynight after everything happened. HAIH!


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