Friday, November 19, 2010

2 months!!!

It has been two months since I got into a relationship with my dearly Lynus Cheang aka ah noob aka dear aka fei lou ...HAHA! ^^ (he is gonna kill me when he sees this)...... Here is how the story goes....

I met Lynus once in Leisure Mall.. it was a coninsidence meeting. Kennie and Lynus are best buddies~ so, Kennie introduced Lynus to me...My first impression on him was I think he was very arrogant... so I did not really took notice of him..

Then the second time we met was when Kennie met into an accident =.= he drop us in McD in Taman Connaught and went to look for Lynus ... Then when they came back... Kennie's car was ok.. not as bad as before.. After that, we decided to watch movie in Midvalley , Step up 3. Lynus THROW me back to UCSI as I waited for Aaron and the others went...

After that day, I received a mysterious message from a mysterious number... in the message it's written " GUESS WHO AM I? '' haha! I thought it was Kennie again bcoz he changed his number again so I replied and then I got to know that it was Lynus. We chatted through msn, facebook and also text messages.... then.. *ahem ahem* everything went well.... we got closer and closer and closer and *puffft* DEN DEN !! we are in a relationship!!! FUIYO~

To my dear,
I've never met someone like you before... You have made my life brighter by just staying by my side. I will always LOVE you my dear.

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