Monday, August 9, 2010

No More OA!

Finished my Office Application paper today.... I stil have doubt about the paper.. I dont think I will score well coz I did'nt really do it with heart.... What I did was went in into the examination hall, sat down at seat AD5 (I can remember this seat so well coz I had a hard time looking for it ><) haha! Wrote my ID number and everything...... When it is time to start I started.... MCQ, whatever I know I just circle.. the ones that I don't know I mark it... Proceed to subjective. Whatever I know just crap... I bet Miss Ong will have a hard time marking my paper..... Finish, i went back to MCQ over and over again to check, think and circle.. I don't like OA! hahha! anyway let's hope that this is the first and last time I take this subject. ><


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