Saturday, August 21, 2010

Love The FUN!

Got back from Genting Highlands yesterday with my college friends Aaron Chin, Eric, June, Ka ling, Ken and San Ing !!! Everything went smoothly .. I was glad of that.. anyway I had sooo much fun as that was my first time going to Genting with my lovely friends.. haha! But somehow I regretted .... for not staying another night! aikks! hahahha!

The outdoor theme park games were fun! But then the wheather was kinda bad as it was raining so the outdoor rides were mostly temporary closed ... but then it's ok! We had fun playing indoor games... Haha! Even rides which are supposedly boring, we had our way to make it FUN! hahha! it was worth going ...

I can't believe they (Ken, San Ing, Ka Ling, Eric and June) actually watched ghost movie in Genting at 1.30am!! OMG! haha! Whereas, Aaron and I went back to the room and Zzz.. haha! too tired after camwhoring for about 2 hours at the lobby... haha! Oh oh! and guess what ?I tied a coconut tree on Aaron's hair! hahha! it was sooooo CUTE!!! Lol I can't take my eyes off his hair! It's just tooo CUTE! hhaha!

The second day we woke up about 9 something almost 10... I refill the waters, clean the room, pack my bag... apply tuna on bread for them.. [I feel like a mum getting ready to sent the kids to school ] Haha! Finally the guys woke and all of them got ready quite fast except for one, Aaron Chin. He dry his hair.... apply pimple cream... style himself....choosing which shirt to wear for the day.... bla bla bla... =.=

We went down to have KFC as it was almost lunch time ... so we call it brunch? haha! After that we head to the bowling alley for bowling! They were having a promotion RM18 per lane, 1 pair of shoe provided and unlimited games for 2 hours... so we paid for two lane... haha! After that we went for snooker... I didn't know how to play at first but after Aaron taught me .. I was a professional! hhaha! Even June said that I was a professional snooker player.. haha! ><

Then , we headed back to KL .....TT ... I miss those time in Genting!!!!! I will surely be back!


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