Friday, April 23, 2010

Weird Me

I feel weird these days as I have been craving for food alot! As in really alot! ahahaha! I dunno why. But whenever I tell someone about it they will ask me ARE U PREGNANT?? -_- . Well its maybe because I am bored to home cooked food as I've been staying at home for a month now . The food that I crave the most is Sashimi, Asam Laksa, Pizza. Yeah that pretty much what I crave for the most.

Let me explain abit of what am I doing at home for the past few months . First I would wake up at 10-10.30 . Bath, watch TV, download movies , watch movies , Facebook, and now I've got a Twitter! After that lunch, computer again then take a nap till 5. At 5 , fold clothes , iron them , and vacumm the floor. Then watch TV . At 6.45 , prepare dinner , have dinner , wash the dishes, clean the kitchen. At 8, study and at 10 something , ZzZzZz..... HAHAH!

Oh thank god my college starts nest week April 28 !!!OH!! I'M SOOOO EXCITED!!! I cant imagine me actuallly going to college already! ahahha! Time flies! anyway looking forward for a college life!


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