Saturday, August 1, 2009


Guess what day is today? ahaha! Its my birthday! Would like to thank them for coming and make my birthday a really happy day for me! ahaha! Besides, thanks for all ur present especially the CD! I love it! Thanks Max! Hahah! OMG! I really Love it! hahaha! I think it have been the best present ever! ahhaha! Its really nice! Omg!!!! Can't get over it! Omg!!!!! HAHAHA! . Thanks everyone for ur wishes and presents ya! ahahah! LOVE YA GUYS! I really hope i could turn back the time and make it MY birthday again coz i really hope to spend more time wif u guys. I never want this moment to end so fast . But too bad i can't ahhaha! I think by coming and wishing me today had made my day a special day this year! I hope i can celebrate my birthday again with You Guys... can?


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